Hadrian’s Wall, England

To Hadrian’s wall!
Like Scotland’s barbarians,
We come from the North

Driving to Hadrian's wall

Approaching Hadrian's wall after driving south from Edinburgh

Chesters Roman Fort

At Chesters Roman Fort

Ruins of Milecastle 39

Hiking west along the wall

A married couple
Seeking shelter on their trip
Stop in Gretna Green…

Not just famous for weddings!

Visiting Hadrian's wall, we happened to stay in Gretna Green, a town which it turns out is known for runaway weddings!

Blacksmith Shop

When we arrived on a Saturday evening, even the historic Blacksmith's Shop (now a wedding venue) was deserted except for a few stray wedding guests.

Courtship Maze - now open!

Signs pointed to the new attraction in town, a courtship maze…

No courtship today :(

...but its gates were locked.

Main Street

Even Main Street was deserted. At this point, things start to feel very Twilight Zone to us.


And then we see this.

I hope it's not too late...

And this, which we begin to suspect refers to the town itself - not just this electrical station.


I will admit to being somewhat relieved when we were able to drive to nearby Carlisle for dinner, proving that we weren't trapped in Gretna Green for eternity!



York, England

In York’s city walls –
Snickleways, ruins and the
Imposing minster


The Shambles, one of York's Snickleways

Clifford's Tower

Clifford's Tower

York Minster

And York Minster

Yorkshire Museum
Romans, Vikings and Normans
Now bomb sniffing dogs

Yorkshire Museum

Partway through our visit, we were surprised to see an explosives sniffing dog and his handler systematically searching each room.

York 800

We noticed an increasing police presence throughout the day and later figured out that it was in preparation for Prince Andrew's visit to mark York's 800th anniversary that day.

At North York Moors Park
Heather, peat and rolling hills
The sheep own the place

Sheep on road

They aren't kidding

Sheep near road

Sheep, adjacent to road

Hills and sheep

View of the hills, with yet more sheep


Bath, England

Pubs, meat pies and rain
Steering wheel on the wrong side
Welcome to England

Pub visit

Tasty English food at the Crystal Palace

Bath Rain

Rainy day in Bath

Jeff driving

Driving the rental car

Taking the waters
Is Bath’s historical thing
Tastes a bit funky

Roman baths

The Roman baths

Tasting the water

Sampling the water from Bath's hot springs - tastes funky with a grainy aftertaste (and texture)

Paris, France

First day in Paris
Jeff suggests the sewer tour
Way to treat a girl

Eiffel Tower

It is bright and sunny at the Eiffel tower

Jardin des Tuileries

The Jardin des Tuileries smells lovely

Musée d'Orsay

And I didn't spot a single rat in the Musée d'Orsay

Hiked to Sacre Coeur
Saw the church and sweeping view
Ran from all the crowds

Sacré Coeur

View of Sacré Coeur basilica

Sacré Coeur crowds

A small sample of the vast number of people visiting Sacré Coeur that day

Browsing through the shops –
Of all the goods in Paris
Pastries are the best

Paris Pastries

Pastries are an art form in Paris