Toledo Summary

Three nights: Friday, April 6 to Monday, April 9

We ended up staying in Toledo for three nights, with the third one being Easter Sunday. As it turns out, Toledo is quite a popular destination for Holy Week. There were a lot of tourists, the vast majority being Spanish, as far as I could tell. We couldn’t find a reasonable AirBnB apartment, so we ended up in a hotel instead.

The first evening we were there, we joined the crowds to view a procession from the cathedral to the main square. It was quite an experience, seeing the various groups slowly march by in traditional outfits, some carrying large platforms from the cathedral with statues of Jesus, Mary, etc. There were also quite a few marching bands involved.

The next couple of days we spent exploring the small, historical city center. It was quite charming, with the narrow, twisting passages opening up to unexpected plazas, not to mention some sort of ornate religious building every hundred meters or so. One church in particular was built on a high spot in the generally hilly town and the panoramic views from its towers were pretty sweet.


In addition, the areas around the city and along the Tajo River were some of the most scenic we’ve seen so far. The outdoor path between the river gorge and the city walls made for a nice late-morning stroll.

Overall, we took it kind of easy in Toledo. There were a lot of surprisingly reasonable bar/tavern options, so we definitely enjoyed some tapas, which often included manchego cheese as we happened to be in La Mancha.

More Toledo Photos

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Toledo, Spain

Semana Santa
My Catholic upbringing,
Unearthed after years

Toledo Semana Santa

Semana Santa procession on Good Friday

Semana Santa in Toledo

The smell of incense takes me right back to St. Edmunds...

Medieval hill towns –
Wandering maze-like streets and
Pausing for good food

Toledo from Inglesia de los Jesuitas

View of the streets from above

Toledo Streets

View at street level

Tapas in Toledo

Tapas at El Trebol - tasty!