Seville Summary

Four nights: Monday, April 9 to Friday, April 13

Two things immediately stood out for me about Seville: bicycles and orange trees.

We saw the bicycles first, as soon as we left the train station for the walk to our apartment. Unlike the other cities we’ve visited so far, there is definitely a biking culture in Seville. The city has made investments with dedicated biking lanes as well as a system of self-serve bicycle rentals throughout the city center.

There are also orange trees planted throughout the city. We were lucky to visit during Spring, since the trees were blossoming and the scent was like perfume everywhere we went. Many of the trees still had fruit on them, but we heard that the oranges were quite bitter and were used for making marmalade.

Previously, during our stay in Lisbon, we took a walking tour that we liked a lot – it’s nice to get the extra context from a guide that you might otherwise miss out on. We looked up a walking tour in Seville and ended up going on three different tours, one for each full day we were there. The first was a general walk through the center of the city, while the other two focused on the cathedral and the Alcázar. The tours were great and we recommend them if you get the chance!


We spent the rest of our time wandering the streets and checking out whatever we came across. Of course, this often involved tapas bars, including El Rinconcillo, the oldest bar in Seville. When we were in The Hague a few years back, we also ate at the oldest bar there – Donna suggests we make this a point during our travels. Sounds like a good plan to me!

Sevilla, Spain

Spanish vegetables –
We’ve finally mastered your
Sly labeling scheme

Buying bananas in Sevilla

Success! We are no longer restricted to prepackaged fruit/veggies with existing barcodes.

Alhambra’s sold out,
But we saw the Alcazar
It’s the next best thing

Alcazar courtyard


Alcazar Gardens


El Rinconcillo –
Oldest bar in Sevilla
New theme for our trip?

El Rinconcillo

On our last Europe trip, we visited Den Haag's oldest bar and now we find ourselves here...