Avignon Summary

Four nights: Tuesday, April 17 to Saturday, April 21

We really enjoyed Avignon. We were staying in an apartment in the old city center and enjoyed wandering around and discovering interesting sights. This was pretty easy to due since the entire area within the old city walls is about the same size as Green Lake.

This was our first stop in France and I was looking forward to the French food. I wasn’t to be disappointed. The restaurants we ate at were great (steak tartare, duck confit, wonderfully creamy sauces, etc.) plus we also hit the Les Halles market one day for some wonderful bread, cheeses, pork terrine and amazingly fresh fruit.

We paid the obligatory visit to Le Pont d’Avignon, but declined the €11.00 ticket to actually walk around on it. Instead, we came across an entrance into one of the city wall towers (Torre de Chiens) that took us up to a wonderful garden behind the Palace of the Popes. We had great views of the Rhone river and surrounding countryside and were able to relax in the park for a while.

Since Avignon was pretty small, we took a couple of day trips. The first was via train to the city of Arles, which had some extensive Roman ruins (and more tasty French cafes). The other day trip was via bus to Le Pont du Gard, a very impressive Roman bridge that was part of the Nimes aqueduct. Between these two sites and Avignon’s historic center, we were able to hit three UNESCO World Heritage sites at once.

Overall, Avignon was great. We’re looking forward to our next French stop (Nice) and then onwards into Italy.

Avignon, France

Eleven euros –
Fee for le Pont d’Avignon
I will dance elsewhere

Le Pont d'Avignon

Près du Pont...

Les Halles marketplace
Pâté, fromage, bread and fruit.
Make a fine dinner

Les Halles

Outside the market

Dinner from Les Halles market

The result of visiting the market

A Roman province –
Hence the current name “Provence”.
So many ruins!

Roman Amphitheater

Roman Amphitheater in Arles (90 AD)

Roman Theater

Roman theater in Arles (late 1st century BC)

Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard, part of a Roman aqueduct (19 BC)