Bologna Summary

Three nights: Sunday, May 6 to Wednesday, May 9

Our three nights in Bologna mark the end of our Italian leg (though we may swing back through). We didn’t have much of a preplanned itinerary, so it we played it by ear. The first thing about Bologna that stood out for me was the architecture – a lot of large, impressive buildings and they almost all had porticos which were these domed overhangs above the sidewalks. This ended up being a nice bonus, since we ran into one pretty heavy shower during our stay (and we’ve so far refused to buy and carry an umbrella).

Of course, one thing we had to experience was the food. We ate out a few times and came across the requisite tagliatelli al ragu (i.e. with bolognese sauce) as well as some mortadella (much better than Oscar Meyer bologna). As a nice surprise, the trattoria where we had dinner one night was located next to one of the few remaining, uncovered canals in Bologna. Apparently, the city used to have a canal system much like Venice, but most were eventually paved over.


Probably the most adventuresome thing we did had nothing to do with Bologna per se: we both got haircuts (plus Donna’s color). There was bit of a language barrier, but I thought it seemed to go OK. And then I ended up with probably the shortest haircut I’ve had since the Navy. Oh well, it’ll grow. Donna’s experience went OK, though the color turned out a bit darker than expected. You can see the results in her blog post.

Finally, one interesting thing we came across was a multimedia exhibit in the Bologna city history museum. It was nominally about the city’s relationship to water and silk, but was this funky, dark room with Tron-like walls and a projection of water on the floor. If you moved over the water, it reacted by swishing around. I didn’t see the point, but the environment totally amped up my anticipation for working on our WarTron application on the 20th!

Bologna, Italy

Bologna’s tower
Leans ever so slightly, but
Is taller than yours

Bologna's Torre Asinelli

Torre Asinelli

Torre Asinelli height marker

Inside Torre Asinelli, you see one of these each time you exceed the height of another Italian city's tower.

Today’s adventure?
Haircutting with few shared words
Here are the results

Jeff Hair

Jeff, who asked for something "un po' più corto"

Donna Hair

And my hair, after confirming that I wanted it dried "riccio".