Lake Bled Summary

Three nights: Wednesday, May 16 to Saturday, May 19

Lake Bled was our one stop in Slovenia on our way south to Croatia. Bled itself is a little resort town on the shore of a scenic alpine lake, but it was a nice introduction to Slovenia. There wasn’t a lot to do per-se (see the lake, island, castle), but it was nice to relax for three nights in such a beautiful locale.

Our apartment was located one third of the way around the lake from the town itself (though the train station we used was near the apartment). There was a nice walking trail that went around the entire lake. On our first night, we went the short way to the town, passing under the shadow of the castle. The next day, we took the long way around, passing Villa Bled, which used to be a resort villa for the Yugoslavian-era ruler Tito. Also, we had good views of the small island in the center of the lake with it’s quaint church (though we never actually visited). While completing the loop, we popped up to the 12th century castle for some nice views.


Beyond the scenery, another nice local attraction was the food. My first taste of regional cuisine was ćevapčići (a.k.a Serbian meat stick), which was a tasty, garlicky concoction of formed ground beef. It came with an interesting pepper spread (ajvar), a creamy cheese spread (kajmakom) and grilled flatbread. NOM! It looks like Croatian cooking will continue this trend, so I’m especially looking forward to the next couple of weeks.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia
About the size of Greenlake
But with a castle

Lake Bled

View of the castle from across the lake

View from castle

View from the castle

Jeff’s lunch today?
It’s the Serbian meat stick –
Obscenely tasty!


Ćevapčiči (a.k.a. Serbian meat sticks)