Schönburg Castle, Oberwesel, Germany

At Schönburg Castle –
It’s sort of like a cruise ship
But perched on a hill

Rhine view

Elegant dinners

Billiards and Darts

Activities (billiards and darts in this case)

On the deck

Lounging on the deck

Accents are tricky –
The garden does not have snacks
But it does have snakes

Garden snake

Jeff's question to our waiter of what types of snakes were in the garden was met with an emphatic declaration, "There are no snakes in the garden!" We later figured out that he thought we meant snacks.

In the garden

In the garden, contemplating snacks while keeping an eye out for snakes.

Oberwesel (Schönburg Castle) Summary

Two nights: Sunday, June 17 to Tuesday, June 19

One issue you might see on an extended trip is that significant dates come up while you’re traveling. In our case, it was our 11th anniversary (June 16) and Donna’s birthday (June 20). So, since we were in Europe, why not celebrate in a castle along the Rhine? That’s how we ended up in Schönburg Castle for two nights. The fact that we were there conveniently between the two significant dates was more a function of the castle’s availability rather than our intentional planning.

Things started off a bit unglamorously. Google Maps told us there was a reasonably short walking route from the train station to the castle, so we decided to give it a try (this is our usual M.O. when arriving in a location). However, it turns out that the path involved a “nature trail” going up the hill – it worked out OK in the end, but I would have been a little embarrassed to come across any hikers while hauling my luggage up the trail 🙂

We had a wonderful (anniversary) dinner our first night and spent the next day exploring the castle and surrounding gardens. It was all very scenic and we lounged about reading and playing a few games of chess on the giant chessboard. The second evening’s (birthday) dinner was really good as well – nothing like outdoor dining on the castle’s terrace to whet the appetite!

On our final morning before checking out, we explored the castle’s tower museum. There were some good views from the top plus they had an interactive trebuchet wired up to a trebuchet-simulator video game. Pretty nifty! When it was time to leave, we took a cab instead of the trail back to the station. This was significant since it was our first taxi ride of the trip!

Finally, I won’t go into it here, but I have an additional anecdote whereby I freak out the castle staff and make Donna cry during our anniversary dinner – feel free to message me for the full story!