York Summary

Three nights: Saturday, July 7 to Tuesday, July 10

In a bizarre coincidence, we found ourselves in York on July 9, 2012. Exactly 800 years earlier, King John had granted York the right to self governance via a city charter. The resulting “York 800” festivities were happening all weekend – there was even a regatta planned along the river Ouse. Unfortunately, the recent heavy rain had resulted in a high river level and some minor flooding, so the regatta was cancelled. There was one strange way that we we impacted by the festivities: when we were visiting the Yorkshire History Museum, there was a huge police presence that developed, including bomb-sniffing dogs. This was a little scary, but then we found out that they were just preparing for a visit by the Duke of York.

We took a free walking tour of the city, which was good for getting some historical context. Later, we decided to walk along the city walls (or at least 2/3 of them), which is always fun and often leads to good views of the city and surrounding environs. And speaking of tours, we also took a spin by the York Brewery. It was small, smelled like a brewery (i.e. good and malty), the tour was fun and the beer samples in the taproom were tasty! Favorite beer name? A bitter called the Yorkshire Terrier – it has a bit of a nip to it!

Finally, we have continued to sample the range of fine British cuisine. With a huge number of pubs, it was relatively easy to find new places to try out. I’m still planning to keep the UK Pubs & Ales dedicated to the beverages, so here are some samples of the food we enjoyed during our stay in York:

Full English breakfast! Fried egg, bacon, hashbrowns, beans, black pudding, grilled tomato and mushrooms.

Rumpsteak with peppercorn sauce for Donna, fried scampi with chips and mushy peas for me.

Lamb shank for Donna, chicken and mushroom pie for me.

Curry night at The Hole in the Wall


York, England

In York’s city walls –
Snickleways, ruins and the
Imposing minster


The Shambles, one of York's Snickleways

Clifford's Tower

Clifford's Tower

York Minster

And York Minster

Yorkshire Museum
Romans, Vikings and Normans
Now bomb sniffing dogs

Yorkshire Museum

Partway through our visit, we were surprised to see an explosives sniffing dog and his handler systematically searching each room.

York 800

We noticed an increasing police presence throughout the day and later figured out that it was in preparation for Prince Andrew's visit to mark York's 800th anniversary that day.

At North York Moors Park
Heather, peat and rolling hills
The sheep own the place

Sheep on road

They aren't kidding

Sheep near road

Sheep, adjacent to road

Hills and sheep

View of the hills, with yet more sheep