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Feel free to edit this map to suggest places for us to visit! When adding pushpins, consider leaving your name and a comment about the location.

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8 thoughts on “Suggest Locations!

  1. Places I really enjoyed on my last trip:

    Aarhus, Denmark — very walkable and friendly, great pubs, cool crypts under a cathedral, LEGOLAND DENMARK MADE OF AWESOME, and oddly I remember the very nice yarn shop.

    Hay-on-Wye, Wales — an entire town of bookshops, pubs, and nothing else.

  2. Segue tour through Barcelona

    Monastery at Montserrat (go early before the tourist buses and heat)

    I’ve heard Toledo is cool, but haven’t been personally

    Catacomb tour in Vienna at St. Stephens

    Prague (see the St. Charles bridge in the morning before it gets crowded)
    Go to a couple basement taverns in Prague and try some brown beer – yum!
    There was a dish I loved there too, seemed to be on more than one menu – sirloin with carrot sauce, whipped cream and these amazing dense dumplings.

    Rent a bike in Amsterdam and bike along the Amsteldijk to Ouderkerk ann de Amstel (you can go down on one side and back on the other)

    Island hopping (by bike of course) in Stockholm

  3. Best wishes on all your travels. I have left a few places to visit on the map, but have many more and will add more when time allows. One of our favorite places to visit in each country is the national Open Air Museum. I’ve “pinned” Ballenberg (Switzerland), Skansen (Sweden) and Seurasaari (Finland), but there are many more worth a visit. During a visit you really get a feel for the architecture and culture of each country.

    I also suggest consulting the UNESCO World Heritage list ( to find historical and cultural sites in each country. We try to visit as many of these sites as possible when visiting a country and you won’t be dissapointed.

    Again, best wishes and happy travels!

  4. When I was in Amsterdam many years ago, a guy at Bill’s Youth Hostel (not to be confused with Bob’s Youth Hostel) said: “Go to Picasso’s, order the chocolate cake, but only eat half!” I just thought I’d pass that along.

  5. If you are looking for something different, I recommend a trip to the island of Sylt. Westerland is the main city. It provides a good taste of the somewhat chilly sea side resort life – you can rent a strandkorb (a kind of a wicker/wood big chair for 2 on the beach) for the day! It is a popular holiday spot for Germans with thatched roof houses, good seafood and nice biking. You get there by train no road access to the island.

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